Solar Traffic Boards


Solar Message Boards

 * For local roads & highways.
 * Meets MUTCO specifications
 * 3 line display board.
 * Onboard NTCIP controller.
 * 5 LEDs per pixel output.
 * Automatic control for LED.
 * Energy-efficient LED lamps.

Solar Arrow Boards

 * For local roads & highways.
 * Meets MUTCO specifications.
 * 15 or 25 lights board.
 * Onboard 7 mode operation.
 * Provides maximum visibility.
 * Automatic control for lamp.
 * Energy-efficient LED lamps.

Solar Traffic Signal

 * Ideal for traffic control.
 * Meets NEMA TS-5 
 * Meets Type 2 PTS
 * Portable Flagger System.
 * Built with 2 conflict monitors
 * Remote monitoring alerts.
 * 5-7 day operation per charge

Peace of Mind

Southwest Traffic Control

Has 3 available portable solar board options for controlling traffic areas.

Southwest Traffic Control

Provides temporary traffic control set up and maintaining for road and building construction sites, sporting events, music events, special events, festivals or any large gathering that needs either crowd or traffic control to meet the need of worker or pedestrian safety.

Smart Work Zones

Southwest Traffic Control 

Can ensure you the safety of your crew or any public event gathering by developing smart work zones that custom to your needs. This includes proper signage where needed. 

Smart Work Zones use state-of-the-art technology such as traffic sensors, cameras and appropriate message boards for approaching drivers or pedestrians to ensure safety and guidance.

Im Still in Training

Southwest Traffic Control employees are ATSSA (TCS) (TCT) (FIT) safety trained from the leading certification and training organization for road, traffic, and highway professionals.

Southwest Traffic Control also employs a certified engineer and plan design team to ensure the safety of any job site.